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Hotel Ratings in Germany

Ranging from one star for modest accommodation to five stars for high quality and top level requirements, most hotels in Germany are classified according to international standards and criteria of the German hotel classification system (explained below in detail). 

Participation in the hotel star rating scheme is voluntary, it is up to individual establishments to decide if joining the scheme is beneficial. Accommodation in Germany is consistently of a very high standard, even for those hotels who have opted not to take part in the star rating scheme.

As a rule there are no star rating schemes in Germany for B&B's, like Zimmer Frei or Pensionen.

Below we aim to explain a range of different options and types of hotel accommodation available in Germany and what you should expect from hotels with star ratings.     

Zimmer Frei

Zimmer Frei road signs usually point to vacant B&B rooms in private family homes, these are ideal for touring holidays on a low budget, they offer great spear of the moment flexibility and the chance to meet lots of local friendly people.

Unfortunately there is no online or printed guide for this kind of accommodation, although there are two organisations who have produce two interesting websites for private B&Bs located mostly in cities and larger towns:     

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostel Oberstdorf-Kornau A Youth Hostel could be a great alternative instead of staying at a hotel, especially for families. Youth Hostels can offer single rooms, double rooms or family rooms and in Germany there is no maximum age limit, although this may vary in Bavaria.

Most Youth Hostels are highly modernised, offering top quality accommodation at sometimes great and unusual locations, like Colditz Castle near Dresden. To stay in a Youth Hostel you have to be a member of the International Youth Hostel Association, you can either join at home or on arrival. For online reservations visit:        

Pension Accommodation

Pension Insel RόgenA "Pension" is usually a large private family home or property located in rural areas with 5-10 rooms.

Pensionen tend to be low cost alternatives to hotels, offering good but basic accommodation, including breakfast with local and friendly people.

A list of Pensionen can be obtained from all local tourist offices or online at     

Gasthaus or Gasthof

A Gasthaus, also called a Gasthof or Landhaus is typically a German-style inn or tavern with a bar, restaurant and hotel rooms.

Gasthδuser are typically found in smaller towns and are often family-owned. It is not uncommon to have three generations of a family working together in such an establishment and many have been owned by the same family for generations, for a list see: Especially popular and interesting are so called "Private Braugasthφfe"
, small breweries with hotel rooms.        

Hotel Garni

A Hotel Garni may have all the facilities like a normal hotel and differs only in that it offers B&B and doesn't have a restaurant for day time or evening meals.

Tourist - One Star Hotels
1 star - Bear Inn Hostel Berlin• Single room 8 m2, Double room 12 m2
• All rooms with en-suite private Shower/WC or Bath/WC
• All rooms with colour TV inc. remote control.
• Daily cleaning of all rooms.
• Reception
• Fax at reception.
• Telephone access.
• Restaurant
• Extended choice of breakfast
• No smoking breakfast room or with separate smoking areas
• Range of drinks for sale
• Storage facility

Standard - Two Star Hotels
2 Star - Hotel Eder in Munich• Single room 12 m2, Double room 16 m2
• Breakfast Buffet
• One seat or sitting possibility per bed.
• Bedside lamp or reading light per bed.
• Bathroom towels.
• Linen shelves
• Sanitary products for sale (toothbrush, toothpaste, razor etc.)
• Credit or debit card payment facilities.

Comfort - Three Star Hotels
3 Star - Hotel Talmόhle Sasbachwalden • Single room 14 m2, Double room 18 m2
• 10% No smoking rooms
• Reception open 14hrs/day and accessible 24/7.
• Staff must speak at least two languages,
• Seating for small groups near reception.
• Luggage service.
• En-suite minibar or drinks.
• In room telephone and internet access.
• Bathroom heating, hair dryer, tissues
• Large dressing mirror, suite case rack, safe
• Sewing kit, shoe cleaning utensils, laundry and ironing service
• Extra pillow and blanket on request
• Courteous and professional response to customer complaints

First Class - Four Star Hotels
4 star - Vital-Hotel Meiser Romantic Road• Single room 16 m2, Double room 22 m2
• Reception open 18 hrs/day and accessible 24/7
• Lobby with seating, drink service and hotelbar
• Breakfast buffet with room service
• Minibar or 24/7 drinks room service
• Armchair or couch  with side table
• Bath robe, slippers on request
• Cosmetics (Shower cap, nail file, cotton buds), make-up mirror
• Internet-PC / Internet-Terminal
• ΐ la carte-restaurant

Luxury - Five Star Hotels

5 star - Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein Kφnigstein Frankfurt• Single room 18 m2, Double room 26 m2, selection of suites
• Reception open 24/7 with concierge service, multilingual staff
• Doorman
• Entrance hall with seating and drinks service.
• Personalised in room greeting with flowers or present.
• Minibar or 24/7 food and drinks room service
• Selection of body care products
• Internet-PC in all rooms with qualified IT- support service
• Selection of cushions, in bed central room light on/off control , en-suite safe
• One hour ironing service, Shoe cleaning service
• Turndown service
• Regular mystery men checks